Friday, November 17, 2006

From "Habit of Being", pg. 572

This book of C.S. Lewis on prayer is a good one but I don't like to pray any better for reading it. I also just read one of his called Miracles, which is very fine. Deceptively simple. You really need to read every sentence twice. Go among the biblical scholars, says he, as a sheep among wolves.


Faith said...

From "Habit of Being," to "A" 6 September 55: "The only force I believe in is prayer, and it is a force I apply with more doggedness than attention." Me too, I certain hope that God counts intention more than attention.

Ruthie Black naked said...

FLANNERY was my neighbor in Milledgeville in the '50s. Her MANNERS were worse than mine, especially when she caught my boy peeing in her cabbage patch. She attended Sacred Heart Catholic, with the other gossips. Probably called me "dirty."