Thursday, January 13, 2005

From "The Habit of Being", pg. 503

The hardest thing for the writer to indicate is the presence of the anagogical which to my mind is the only thing that can cause the personality to change. Perhaps even here it changes within what it has been made. But I doubt if anyone ever touches the limits at either end of his personality. We are not our own light.


Santiago said...

Hey, Thomas Hibbs has a nice piece on Flannery in the National Review today. Here is the link:

Love the site

joy mccarnan | said...

why did you stop blogging in january? i have it bookmarked and can't wait to read the latest when you're able to post again. ~joy (of

TS said...

Santiago, thanks for that info. I'd missed that even though I read national review all the time.

Joy, I have been remiss!

joy mccarnan | said...

TS, thanks so much. you rock.